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Load image into Gallery viewer, Wedding Centerpiece Idea #WC011

Wedding Centerpiece Idea #WC011

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Wedding Centerpiece Idea #WC011

los artculos en esta lista son los que ocuparan para crear este centro de mesa. Haga clic en los nombres de los artculos para ir directamente a las pginas del producto para ordenarlos. Junto a cada material esta la cantidad que ocupara para hacer 12 centros de mesa.

These items listed below are what you will need to create this idea. Click on the item names to bring you directly to the product pages to order. Next to the item is the quantity needed for a dozen centerpieces.

#1 - 6" GLITTERED Tulle Rolls - 1 Roll
#2 - 12" Foam Rose Flower Bouquet - 6 Heads - 24 (2 per centerpiece)
#3 - 3" x 1" STYROFOAM Craft Discs - 2dz (2 per centerpiece)
#4 - 6" x 1" SMOOTH FOAM Craft Discs - 1 dz
#5 - 10mm Faux Pearl Rolls - 1 Roll
#6 -8" Spiral Glass Cup Set of "6 pcs" - Plain- 2 sets
#7 - 1" Round Submersible Bright LED Light (Waterproof) - 1 dz
#8 - 8" Glass Mirror Base - ROUND - 1dz

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