Load image into Gallery viewer, Birthday Centerpiece Idea #HDC003
Load image into Gallery viewer, Birthday Centerpiece Idea #HDC003

Birthday Centerpiece Idea #HDC003

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Idea de Centros De Mesa para Cumpleanos #HPC003

These items listed below are what you will need to create this idea. Click on the item names to bring you directly to the product pages to order.

#1 - Satin Ribbon - 7/8" - used to wrap around foam discs

#2 - Smooth Foam Craft Discs - 3" x 1" - used as ears

#3 - Rectangle Plastic Table Cover - used to cover front and back of discs, cut to size

#4 - Smooth Foam Craft Discs - 6" x 1" - used as face

#5 - Satin Ribbon - 1/8" - wrapped around balloon stick

#6 - Craft & Balloon Sticks - placed into 6x1 discs and 3x3 dummy cake

#7 - Crinkle Paper Shred - used to fill ice bucket

#8 - Foam Dummy Cake - Round - 3" x 3" - used to keep balloon stick in place

#9 - Satin Ribbon - 1.5" - used to wrap around 3x3 dummy cake to cover up white

#10 - Ice Bucket w/ Tongs

#11 - Organza Ribbon w/ Satin Edges - 5/8"

#12 - Chenille Pipe Cleaners - mold to shape

You will need a glue gun and glue to attach much of these items together. You can find them by clicking here.

*Please keep in mind that we carry different styles, gender and colors for our products so you can always change items out to achieve your desired style, gender or colors.

*If there are item(s) out of stock or discontinued, we usually have great alternatives that you can use. Don't be afraid to browse our 10,000+ items! We are also here to help if you have any questions or need suggestions, just ask by contacting us.

*When we create and idea, we usually create matching favors, centerpieces and decorations to complemented that piece. Please look for these ideas by matching up product numbers (example: BC#001, BF#001, BD#001 are matching baptism centerpiece, favor and decoration)

*If available, there may be a video of making this idea below which may aid in replicating this idea. If not, sorry and we are probably working on it!

Check back regularly as we are always adding new ideas that our crafting team can think up! Happy Crafting!

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